Application Essay And School Essay

How is application type of essay different then what they might be writing in school and I’ll go ahead and start this by saying you know in school you you might be writing an essay for one of your classes like your science class or your literature class um this is really your chance to write something in first person and it doesn’t have to be that typical you know five paragraph essay or any sort of structure that maybe your teachers have asked you to put it in you get to choose the structure here and we of course want you to have a beginning and a middle and an end to it.

But the important part is that you have a theme that kind of goes throughout it so you want that connecting sort of think of it as a thread that goes all the way through your essay that connects your first thought their last thought and sort of stands out and has your own voice in it anything out there that’s great I think that maybe this isn’t and within this particular version but just to try to always have a positive vibe to your PSA even if you are talking about things that may have been hard are different types obstacles are hardships showing some sort of positive growth from your experiences it’s really important so just to try not to like ruminate on the negativity I think another question that comes up often is how formal should I be in my essay or how informal can I be an essay any thoughts on that yeah I think estar mentioned it doesn’t need to be this five paragraph like strict format that you’re following and you can definitely use the first person and you know speak from yourself but I think you’re you know you’re not talking to your friend or like a relative you know you want to keep it somewhat formal the way which somewhat formal but not so much where it’s kind of stuffy you know don’t overuse that thesaurus and feel like you need to replace every other word with the word that sounds more scholarly or um you know difficult so I just keep that in mind I don’t think you need to be overly formal but at the same time and we can talk about this later on in the presentation but kind of if you’re not texting a friend.

So make sure that you’re using a like proper sentences and no run-on sentences and capitalize everything and think you just want to make sure that also when you’re you’re writing you realize that we’re reading your essays and we probably don’t live in the same city or states that you do so if you’re using abbreviations or acronyms for maybe the club that you’re in or an organization that you go – and volunteer at in the weekend we won’t know what that is. so make sure to write that out as well even though writing that out like same formal it will really help us understand what that is that you’re doing.