Chainfire – The Sword of Truth Part 1

Title: Chainfire – The Sword of Truth – Book 9

Author: Terry Goodkind

Publish Date: 2005

Publisher: TOR Books/Tom Doherty Associates

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Magic, Sorceress, Mord-Sith, Wizards, Romance, Confessors, Chivalry, Demons, Armed Conflict, Swords, Daggers, Boxes of Orden, Castles, Keeps, Prophecy, Witches, Crossbows, Sliph, Shields, Quarries, Catacombs, Skeletons

Plot Summary:

Richard Rahl is married to the Mother Confessor and together they guide the known realms of light in the ways of life, liberty and freedom against the evils of the Underworld realm of the Keeper.

When Richard and Kahlan bed down under the stars, they are ambushed by magic and Kahlan is swept away while Richard laid victim of a sleep spell. As he finally awakens, he finds that not only has Kahlan vanished, but all of the people that knew her when they went to sleep the night before no longer know anything about her or that Richard even has a wife.

With only his own memories of Kahlan to guide his actions, he tries to convince his closest friends that she does exist and that she needs his help to be rescued. The problem with that is that everyone that knows Richard is also certain that he has never even seen a woman named Kahlan, let alone been married to her. To them, that made him delusional.

Underscoring his troubles with his missing wife is the relentless advancement of troops invading his homeland of D’Hara to bring it under the control of the evil ruler Jagang. The Prophecies declare that he must lead the D’Haran armies into the battle if they are to succeed. But, his search for Kahlan means so much more to him than Prophecy – without her, life itself means nothing.

His decision is clear. He must choose to find and rescue the woman he loves or lead his armies and fulfill the Prophecies. Even his closest friends are telling him she does not and never has existed. With friends and acquaintances alike telling him what he believes to be true is not so, he begins to question his own sanity.


D’Hara is being invaded by the forces of Jagang. His armies are battle-hardened and merciless. When they did take prisoners, they were sent back to the main encampment and tortured relentlessly – more for pleasure than for information.

Richard Rahl and his wife, Kahlan, had bedded down for the night, cuddled together in the comforting forest as they usually did when travelling. Come morning, a lone wolf howl rouses Richard from his slumber and as he comes fully awake, he realizes that his beloved is missing.