Children of the Jedi – Star Wars Part 1

Title: Children of the Jedi – Star Wars

Author: Barbara Hambly

Publish Date: 1995

Publisher: Bantam Books

Type: Novel

Genre: Science Fiction

Sub-Genre: Droids, The Force, The Dark Side, Lightsabers, Blasters, Hyperdrives, Lightspeed, Death Star, Dreadnaughts, Spacecraft, Artificial Intelligence, Restraining Bolts, Jawas, Aristocrats, Castes, Gamorreans, Kitonaka, Space Travel, Advanced Weapons, Advanced Technology, Advanced Medicine, Galactic Empires, Space Combat, Affytachans, Alien Worlds, Alien Encounters, Asteroids, Smugglers, Assassination


Plot Summary:

It has been eight years since the Death Star is destroyed. Han and Leia Solo are attending the ‘Time of Meeting’ on the Cloud-Mother planet Ithora as official representatives of the New Republic.

Luke senses danger just after the Meeting begins and from the crowds comes a would-be assassin who nearly makes good on his attempt screaming “Kill you! Kill you! …Kill you all!”

As Han and Chewbacca wrestle the man down to the ground, Luke springs into action, rushing through the crowd and into the arcade area where the man had come from. As Luke follows his instincts, the madman is taken by the Ithorans and turned over to their medical staff to be examined for any possible causes of his maniacal actions. Han recognizes the man as a smuggler that he knew years ago and felt it just couldn’t be possible that he could be trying to kill Leia or himself.

The Ithorans determine that he is suffering from a severe mental disorder apparently caused by extremely high doses of hallucinogenic drugs. During his ranting, he speaks about the “Children of the Jedi” and where they had been hidden. He also managed to get out a set of coordinates during one of the brief moments of lucidity that the Ithorans managed to produce with their strong medications.

Now, with separate sets of destinations, the New Republic delegation splits up with Luke, R2D2, and two other companions travelling to the unknown dangers of the man’s coordinates, and Leia takes the rest of the group to head out in search of the hidden Jedi children.

Something, or someone, had provoked the attempt on their lives, and both Han and Leia were determined to find out why. One thing was clear; the ‘hidden’ children appeared to be involved somehow in the answer.



The Death Star is gone, and with its demise came the birth of the New Republic. Today, the New Republic’s Chief of Staff, Leia Organa Solo, as well as her party, has arrived at the planet Ithora as dignitaries in order to attend the ‘Time of Meeting’. The Meeting is a lavish gathering of the various herds of Ithorans. Ithora itself is the home of the Cloud-Mother, the most beautiful and diplomatic of all the herds.

As they await the start of the Meeting, Leia learns of another assassination of a top theoretician that had created some of the designs of the Death Star. News of the deaths bring back to their minds that many people still believe that Leia has used her smuggler connections to make some of those Death Star designers and planners mysteriously disappear.

Shortly after the Meeting starts, the incredible majesty of the scene is suddenly broken by the seemingly lunatic ravings of a man screaming out at the Solos as he rushes towards them.