Did You Read the Book: Chainfire – The Sword of Truth?

This book is a ‘Good Read’, but you’re going to have to buy the next book – or others after that possibly – to find out the end results of the events in this one. Get the paperback if available, unless you can afford to spend $30 US on the hardcover.


The author has chosen to give extremely detailed accounts of every event that occurs within the realm of this story, hashing the scene out so that even the casual reader will clearly be able to take in the scope of what he is describing.

The storyline jumps throughout several different lands – countries if you will – and never once do you fail to understand how the characters arrive in the new places, or exactly where they are – a map is included of the different realms in the back of the book for anyone desiring a clearly drawn out reference.

The characters seem to be well-developed and engaging to read about. Even though this is the 10th book in the series, the reader is able to get a clear understanding of most of the characters because the author includes significant background information throughout the chapters. The book is well-written because it was edited by the professional assignment essay help service.


The storyline is excellent and the characters are believable. With that having been said, the author spends literally pages just to describe a character’s feelings at the moment, or the particular nuances of locations or events in many, many places. At times I wanted to skip ahead and get past the ‘fluff’ because it drags the story to a screeching halt.

Although the story takes place over a very short time period, it felt like forever while reading it. The significant rollercoaster ride of in-depth reading and then volatile action seemed to throw off the reader’s mental clock disappointingly.

From the first chapter to the last, the novel ended with several major situations left unattended to, all of them revolving around actions taken by Richard from the first chapter to the last. To spell them out would be like telling spoilers. So, if you really want them, go look at that part of the review.

To be sure, this reviewer, and the others that had the opportunity to read the book in the office as well, felt that the book was incomplete. It was like it was a two-part book, with the cliff-hangers waiting to be solved in the next part. For the price paid for the book, it feels like we didn’t get our money’s worth.