Tech Details In Research Paper

In  papers we almost can’t help ourselves from giving the general case first it’s bizarre so just give into examples first give several examples of the problem you’re trying to solve and and examples of how your idea solves it right so by the time the reader is coming to the more general statement of your idea they have something to anchor it on so this is when I’m beginning to set the scene in more detail for a paper post called scrap your boilerplate and give it a particular example of the problem that I’m trying to solve and and begin to show specifically how my solution but for a particular program this was about generic programming so I said supposing I wanted to have a generic program to compute the size of a data structure no matter what data structure it was then this is the kind of code that I’d like to write and worked on from there. Get to know how to make your writing more readable on Edusson.

Now when you get to the more details it is tempting to carry the reader through the path that you took in research has full of blind alleys right so you walked down one blind alley who discovered it was it was a dead end so you walked back out again and you walk down another one you walk back after this is the nature of a search isn’t it now does the reader want to one want you to carry them down the blind alley look there’s a wall ahead of you let’s go into another one another wall right and of course every step on this path is soaked in your blood all right but it took you a long time to explore this stuff so you think ah the reader is going to be really interested in my blood right they’re really going to want to know but they don’t they’re fundamentally uninterested they want to know the answer now sometimes the blind alleys are so obvious that you have to say the obvious solution does not work and I’m going to explain why.

But very frequently I have read a paper and I have slogged through a page of quite technical material only to find that the reader says that the writer says this approach does not work I’m going to tell you a better one I’m thinking I have just burnt an hour of my life following you down this blind alley why did you do this to me you laugh but it’s true like it actually happened so don’t do this to your readers right just choose the most direct route exploring only the blind alleys that are so obvious that it would be you know the reader will simply not follow you down the good path because they’ll keep thinking but look it’s like you know if you see maybe trying to jump into a swimming pool and you see the swimming pool there and somebody says let’s go around this little circuit let’s just jump in right so if it’s that obvious you have to tell them but that’s all.