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Some of these fun things all right great you just tell me which ones and I can put in your information and give you some good dates and times all right it’s a great choice you guys really can like excellent it’s also wonderful choice so what do you think about tomorrow night for that during the day too so that other thing you mentioned we can do during Monday.

I also have a list of Robot Don great restaurants I can assure you I think you guys are really gonna like some of the varieties of food and diversity we have in this area stay for the next one worked for into taste well sure we can do about the next day I think that’ll be good time since it’s not gonna be too hot that day and you guys are clear with the weather no rain just a lot of sunshine and your whole book for that okay select some recommendations for restaurants so as you create three types.

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I can give you really good we’re booking we have Chinese on something but he’s here we also have some wonderful Thai restaurants those are very good publishers in to book the room using big it’s movie to keep this some great options and I’m going to print out your excursions and I put it in your room for you you have your keys you have all your information if you have any more questions feel free to come down here and ask me I’ll be here all day today all day tomorrow and for the rest of your visit I’m working feel free to come to me any okay thank you guys for with another video and today I’m gonna show you guys how to check your electron Lambada yeah let’s look at the market caps.

Real quick you know today on Sunday the th the futures market for the coin opened and and yeah they opened and Bitcoin did a quick bounce back let’s check the last two days you see the next one alright we got this up let’s go let’s go in the one-hour chart all right as you guys can see a hit the all-time high a couple days.