Essay is a piece of writing coming out of the author s point of view, but when it comes to argument essays, things turn a little compact. An argument essay example should have the conflicting cases or an issue having opposite perspectives. Here, the author has to stick to one side with the firm belief in it. The belief should come out of the confidence, not driven by the biasness. Often, we may dream this as two angry red-faced people shouting at each other so loudly. But in reality argument essaysare driven by logic of statements, not by emotional outbursts.

Considering both sides of the controversy, the foremost thing is to present each side of thediscussion without being partial before taking a stand. This is critical as it will project that yourinclination toward a particular side is not out of prejudice but due to the trust. A good argument essay example should be well equipped with evidences that support its position strongly. Thus, after the introduction of both cases, it should come up with the strongest evidence to suggest that whyyour viewpoint is the correct one. They may be detailed, ranging from few paragraphs to few pagesbut they would reinforce your inclination towards a particular case in an argument essay. Utilisea mix of evidences like statistical figures, anecdotes, surveys but as stated above, do not make upone. Being aware of the strongest point of the other side is always advantageous as it will help youto defend your side more wisely. The purpose of an argument essay is to develop one’s assertiontowards a phenomenon to justify its correctness, based on valid reasons. While drafting your pointof support, you should be well aware of the sentiments of public. This means that it is not preferredto compare religion, cast, nationality etc which may be uncomfortable to any class of people.

A connecting outline and logical flow of ideas is the essence of an essay example and argumentessay example is no exception to it. Conclusion of the essay needs to come out of agreed-upon factsand values and the persuasions of your standing should be based on the same. Always rememberthat the evidence you use to strengthen your position should be informative but not fake. Therefore, the essay should move to the conclusion by connecting your argument with validation of the facet, restatement of the thesis and summary of main subject.